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About Us

At the outset, before we talk about the products that we deal in, let us introduce ourselves to the all those in Hospitality business.
We are a team of young entrepreneurs with background of Hospitality Management, business management, financial management and sales & marketing; and simply believe in YOUR PRESTIGE IS OUR DEVELOPMENT!
We facilitate smooth and hassle free operations of your units by simply taking care of all your logistics in the most cost effective manner.
We started; motivated by the small market research which concludes that there is abysmal gap in demand and supply of quality products and much of the man hours in your unit are wasted in locating creditable and trust worthy vendors and negotiating the price.
Even after that majority of times you end up compromising with quality and paying unjustified price for a sub-standard product.
We are relatively new as compared to our peers, but very stubborn when it comes to choosing, be it client or company. We do not compromise and that is why operate on a very small margin and believe in economy of scale.
At present we deal with more than 100 manufacturers at the international and National level with a wide variety of products, from crockery to Carts, Dishwashers to Cleaning Equipments, and display to dispensers. This is just to mention out of the modest range of products, that we have and you can pick up.

Just to give you a feel, we are attaching a list of companies that we would be able to provide you.